Large led matrix (Max7219)


I'm trying to get a led matrix working, 12 x 12 leds. Yesterday i get a Max7219 and it works pretty good i think :). The only problem is, the Max7219 only supports 8 rows / columns and i got 12 rows / columns. The second thing is i'm using RGB leds... My question is if there is any 12x12 (or more ofcourse) led matrix driver, and is it possible to control RGB leds with it?


when it's rgb leds, you just look at it as if you have 3x as many rows or columns. Dependent on how you organize it, your matrix can then for example be seen ans a 12x36 matrix.

And there are no single drivers that will support something that big anymore, so that's why you combine multiple drivers to control your matrix.

I'm no expert, but I'm trying to figure out how to work the max7219. But from what I've seen, you wouldn't be able drive a 12x12 matrix, but I believe you could get another max7219 and daisychain the two to control more outputs.

You could use multiple MAX7219s, arrange them to control the matrix like this.

Hi stormstar,

Using max7219 to drive rgb leds means that you can only get 7 colours (red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan and white).

Have you already purchased 144 rgb leds? If not, I suggest you should buy these or similar. You do not not need a chip to drive them and you have a huge range of colours available.