Large LED Matrix Scrolling Test Help, Newbie

I’ve built a 72 x 20 matrix (1440 leds) using 5 reels of WS2812B wire to create one continuous strip. It works fine, but I cannot get the Text size to fill, or nearly fill the full matrix. I’m using the below code that I got off the web. Only changes I made were to the text "Merry Christmas, and, PIN and width/height (newbie to coding, more of a hardware guy). The text works fine but I get 7 row of the 20 the display the message. I want to increase the text size to use as many of the 20 rows of leds as possible. Any help will be appreciated.



Document.txt (2.55 KB)

It looks like it is a slightly non-trivial undertaking. If you look at the GitHub repository for Adafruit-GFX-Library you can find instructions for selecting a different font - they provide quite a few. But as is, your code will use the default font of 5x7.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try. Building the matrix was straight forward and just required cutting the strips to length and lots of soldering and continuity checks. Every led works and pits on a nice show using some of the included FastLed programs.