Large LED message display & Video sync

Hi all¡ For an artistic installation, I need to program a LED matrix display for displaying text. I´ve seen a lot of models easy to code, but they are too small....It must be at least 1.5m width (it is suppossed to stay below a projection screen 3m width). The gallery want an easy-to mount display, because of that I cant build a large display with modules. I´m looking for bigger models but I have no idea if they will be compatible to code them easyly with Arduino and supported libraries. Otherwise; the displayed text must be sync with a video (projected on that big screens); i was thinking about sync them with Max/MSP or other tool like ofxTimeline... Any advices?

Thank you all¡

Martin, Try for lots of options like this Big enough? you can add more. TomJ

Thank you¡ I´ll take a look on it