large network of stand alone wireless RFID readers

I would like to implement a large network (200+) of RFID readers (13.56 Mhz) that all communicate to a wireless host. The RFID readers would need to be stand alone and report their status via a wireless (XBee or similar) connection when requested by the host. Each RFID reader would only need power to run. The units could be as far away as 100 meters from the host and would be in an electrically noisy environment. I'm hoping to use the SM130 reader and pair it with an XBee pro and a Pro Mini 328.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of system? Is it feasible? If not, could i create smaller wired controllers that talk to say 16 readers and report status on those as requested by the host. If I use this technique, would i be better off using SPI or 12c?

Thanks in advance for any help!!!!!


Do you need to activley interrogate the readers ? The readers i have recently been playing with do nothing until a tag is placed upon them.

I would prefer to poll them, but if needed, I could let the units transmit their ID and the tag data when a tag is placed in front of them.

Sorry i dont understand. Do you poll them regularly to see if a tag is present ? Or do you poll them to check if the reader is there and working. If the former ther is a big risk of missing the presentation of a tag. Ones i know do not read and store , they just output when a tag is presented.

My thought was to use a small Arduino pro to locally capture the rfid data and store it locally, then transmit the data wirelessly when polled

I dont see why not. The following is a link to a pyro firing system using xbee. The discussion about robust wirless design may be useful though.

The underlying tachnology is used / was developed for remote sensing similar to you needs.