Large TFT touch display for use with ESP8266 or ESP32

I'm looking for a large, high resolution display with touch interface for use with ESP32 (ESP8266 won't have the memory required for this).

Size: 9-11" diagonal. Resolution: 1024x600 or higher (higher is better).

For this resolution it seems I have to look at RA8876 driver... most displays appear to come with a 50-pin connector, that goes into a controller board with the driver IC.

This is for a user interface, no intention to play videos on it. I am thinking of using an ESP32 processor, the LittevGL library looks very interesting for building a good looking UI.

Quite a few interesting and very well priced displays on but their highest resolution is my minimum requirement and I'm not sure on how to use those displays. They seem to only offer an Arduino Due shield. I am looking for a controller board that in turn offers an SPI or parallel interface.