Large Touch Screen that doesnt require Analog Pins

Are there any touchscreens preferably 5~7 inch in length that dont require analog pins, purely digital?

All of the TFT LCD touch screens I've seen require analog pins for their x and y pins


Any reason you don't want an analog type TFT?

Tom... :slight_smile:

Maybe this, but read the spec carefully to be sure:

If the touch screen claims to have an SPI interface, then you should not have the problem with analog pins. Important if you have an ESP8266 or similar without any/many analog or spare pins.

I’m using an Omega 2+ which doesn’t have any analog pins

The RA8875-based displays can give the touch data back digitally. See Adafruit for a few examples. There are many more out there.

The Adafruit displays also have the analog touch pins exposed as usually you can do a better job with the Arduino driving those pins.