Large valve for powder dispensing

What would be my best bet for a large diameter valve that I can flow powder through, I'm thinking at least 1.5" diamater.
My goal is to flow protein powder for a dispenser and to force flow I want to also use a vibrating device attached to the in-flow tube.
Are there any slider valves or disc valves that would work best in this scenario?

Thanks in advance

I expect it would depend a lot on the characteristics of the powder, but I've seen a conical dispenser with the output blocked by an inverted conical plug for dispensing powder. I expect you will just have to try things and see what works.

I would suggest an auger to push out the powder. The auger could also be a spring (easier to source).

I tried a few arrangements using a vibrating nozzle but never had much luck with it. You either need a huge nozzle or a massive vibrating mass (to the point where it's impractical) and you still don't get an even flow. But if you do get anything to work I'd appreciate any tips.

Gate valves come in all sizes and materials. If that’s what you think you need it shouldn’t be hard to find an automated valve, I know pneumatic gate valves are quite common.

My gut feeling is that the most effective way of controlling the flow of the powder will be to control the feed mechanisim, rather that’s a set of vibrating screens, a screw feed, belt conveyor or something else.

Given the immense frustration of getting toner into laser print cartridges, I would absolutely go with the auger idea. Which give me an idea for those cartridge refills ...

(It involves a piece of stiff wire.)

The auger idea is likely a great bet.
It'll be quite a bit of testing to see what works. I'm going to try a gate valve first I believe.
Thanks for the help