Larger LiPo Battery / Faster Charging


I'm looking into purchasing a 1500 for cellular capabilities. I'm wanting to connect a LiPo that is >5000mah, possibly 10Ah at the most.

I've read the device charges at 350mah, and after 1400mah, it will automatically sleep/stop charging. I'm thinking of a couple different routes, please let me know what would be best:

  1. Disable charging auto-sleep, so a battery can continue to charge past 1400mah. Additionally, is there a way for faster charging?

  2. Disable MKR charging altogether, and add a separate BMS that can handle faster/more charging.

Thank you for your help!

My eyes are getting poor, I cannot see what you are looking at. What is a 1500? What LiPo? What does the battery manufacturer say about the Lipo you will be using? It appears like you want to start a fire (1 & 2)? Read the battery specifications.

Sorry - I am very very new to this and understanding what the options are.

MKRNB1500 is the device I want to use and power with a Lithium Battery. I haven't purchased the battery yet, but didn't know if it was possible to do either 1 or 2, maybe it's not.

Batteries and chargers are like pairs, you need the proper charger to charge the battery. Over charging can and does cause fires as does shorting them out. There is a website called battery university, they have a lot of information and it is generally very good.

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