laser alarm using laser and photoresistor

Good Day guys :slight_smile: Im currently doing a simple laser alarm project using arduino , buzzer, photoresistor and a laser. there are typical examples of codes on the internet, it is working but I am still badly trying to look or create a code that can perform exactly what an alarm system can do. I need to look like a real laser alarm that when basically the laser light towards the photoresistor will not trigger the alarm, until the time it blocks the light. I think its only matter on the void loop or adding some declarations. but I dont know what am I gonna do. Im a beginner in using micro controller and in arduino codes. please I am looking forward for your reply. THANKYOUSOMUCH GUYS :slight_smile: sorry for my grammarization. HEHEH :smiley:

An LDR is a light sensor normally used with visible light, not normally used with laser.

It probably will not work with laser.