Laser controlled wireless cat food dispenser

Looking forward to your comments and ideas!

[u]Arduino-based Laser controlled wireless cat food dispenser[/u]


That is awesome!

Just as a suggestion...the video would be more compelling if the activation/motion would be shown up front, rather than >2:00 into it. You can show the background stuff (navigating menus, etc.) nearer the end, for those diehards that really want to stick around to watch the whole thing.

Excellent point. I'll post a few other videos of the feeder in action... thanks for the feedback!

Impressive! You've given me a whole slew of new ideas.

Where did you get/how'd you make that interface to send commands?

Iquaba: Sorry for the delay. Never noticed the post!

the arduino connects to the PC via an xbee module. the serial data is sent wirelessly through the modules. The PC has an xbee connected to it via USB.

I have a program that can connect to the xbee via the virtual serial com port it uses. I simply read the data it detects on the given com port and then perform actions based on that. I can also send data to that same port, which in turn sends the data to the Arduino's xbee module. The Arduino sketch reads the data coming from that com port also and performs actions based on the data it reads from it.

Hope this explains it better. Let me know if you have other questions.


felicitaciones............ buen trabajo.... tremenda idea.....

congrats.... good job....... awsome idea.....