Laser defraction to mesure transparency

instead of using a lineal camera to detect errors in a fabric, I want to make a beam of laser light and measuring how much transparency / defraction any guide or tip?


yeah, tell us more about the project - type of fabric, thickness, absorption properties etc. - # samples per minute - meters of fabric to sample per minute - etc

yes laser might do the job, but in the end the proof is in the pudding test ;)

but in the end the proof is in the pudding

I hate when people put stuff in the pudding. It should be chocolate pudding only. No weird stuff in it. :)

I guess arduino con handle a laser for this job, I been looking for ccd linear sensor but It's not suitable for an arduino and I don't want to use other FPGA The spec for this project are:

-it's a thin fabric to make sheets for beds, the reflection it's variable, due model of fabric, so it sould be reajusted for each especific fabric

-it moves on a production chain to a top speed of 2 meters per second(120m/minute)

-The goal is to detect cracks or other imperfections

do you know any model of laser sensor or get an example for this? Cheers!!