Laser distance sensor - Need help/information

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a Laser Distance Sensor with the following specs:

Measured Distance : 10 mm - 1500 mm Resolution: 1 mm Speed : > 10 measurements / second Supply Voltage: any 3-6 V

I've been browsing/looking on Websites but no luck. Does anyone have any ideas / experience on where can I find something close to the specs?

Infrared sensors are not an option due to other IR interferences. Ultrasonic sensors are not suitable due to the narrow space available.

I would be in your debt, Calin

Sharp makes a series of IR distance sensors. (See Page 71)

They don't have any that will measure down to 10mm (1cm) but they do have one that measures from 4 to 30 cm (40 to 300mm). If you mount it 30mm further away it will cover 10-270mm distance range:

GP2Y0A41SK0F / GP2Y0AF30 series

Hello John ,

Thank you for your help. Unfortunately there was a typo on my side. The correct range was 10 mm - 1500 mm.

However, after spending a full day the only one that comes to this precision is a HI class from SICK that is >1000 euros. Plus, its power supply is is way higher. I could use a boost converter but considering the project is meant to be battery powered it would be very inefficient.

The prototype will be used outside so the IR sensors would be affected by sunlight. A red laser would have been nice but unlikely due to "harsh" requirements. Even using 2 sensors I won't get the desired result.

My only remaining alternative is with a high frequency (> 150Khz ,low beam angle) ultrasonic sensor. Most likely the deadzone will be the first 100-150 mm but I guess it's better than nothing ....

If anyone has other ideas, I am opened to suggestions :D