Laser Harp.. possible sensors and project choises..

Hello, I'm planning to build a midi laser harp.. I'd not want to use a frame with receivers on the top.. So I found a couple of sensor which I could use.. but I'd like to hear your ideas before starting the build..

  • a GP2Y0A02YK0F SHARP which is an infrared distance sensor.. It converts the distance and sends you directly the distance expressed in mv (2.8v to 0.4V - 20 cm to 1.5m) The limit is the 1,5 m distance (it could be enough)

  • a laser.. but I don't know if there is a prebuilt package or I need to build something by myself and measure the phase shifting.. and I don't know how much the reflection is approximate..

  • sonar like maxbotix Ez0?

Anyone has some experience, with distance measurements? thanks, Paolo

I was just going through posts reading projects and stumbled across this. This may be of help if you haven’t already seen it. You may want to contact the maker of the one in the video, he would be able to give you the best advise I think.

hi.i am thinking also about a Laser Harp. Can i ask you what you have decided to use for your project? Did you finish it? =)