Laser Harp. Trouble with Abelton

Hello all, Me and a friend are building a laser harp modeled off of this project : We have built the circuit to turn the note on/off when you shine a laser of the photocell. We have connected and wired the MIDI - USB interface through a 5PIN din connector. Using MIDIOX, as the Make project does, we get a note on signal when we shine a light on the photocell.

The trouble is that Ableton does not pick up the signal. Under preferences in the MIDI/Sync tab it sees our device and we can turn its track on/off. However, the MIDI indicator in the top right does not light up when we turn our note on/off.

I got my MIDI-USB interface from amazon here:

I never installed a driver for the USB-MIDI interface so that might be a problem. But would MIDIOX still pick up the signal?

Here is the MIDIsend Function

void SendMIDI(char cmd, char data1, char data2) 

And here is where I call it:

    SendMIDI(MIDICMD_NOTEON, i, 127);


Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks a lot

EDIT: I am using the trial version of Ableton 8 on Windows Vista

Get a midi monitoring software to see if anything useful is coming in.

I use but its for mac. I'm sure you can find something similar for PC. You need a clear note on / note off message.

Try using the midi library

I guess its a stupid question but have you completely enabled the interface in able tons prefs/midi?

I had some issues when doing similar things of the notes being complete enough to be recognized as notes by the midi interface (the led blinking) but the serial data was incomplete and it was not a real not on/off as far as ableton is concerned.

And install a driver for your usb interface if one is available...