Laser Light PAn/Tilt bot help needed???????

Hello and thanks for stopping by to give me some advice as I am a complete newbie at Arduino but got a blistering project I need help with, which I am very excited??? BUT. need a gentle push in the right direction......OK, to explain my project:- I want to build a laser pan/tilt or similar device to project laser light beams onto a wall for example and take long exposure photographs (please see FLICKR and see the Light Junkies group for an idea of what I am trying to do with a robotic devie rather tha hand held)??? I have build a basic device already using 2 analoge servos and a USB controler but can't get the smooth resolution needed nor the ability to do anything other than x/y paths. Ultimately in the end the device would also need to control 3-4 coloured laser lights and one day be added to a track based device to project 3d type images???

So, any ideas gang?????

Thanks DOM

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