Laser Projector

Just wanted to share a few pictures and videos of my latest work-in-proress...

It basically uses a cheap laser module to paint greyscale redscale bitmaps on a wall or other suitable screen. To reveal the image you must use an SLR camera to take a long-exposure of the projected area the above image link shows this mechanism projecting the famous arduino infinity logo.

There's a couple of videos on there and some more pictures to follow soon once I've got all the bugs out.

Sorry, link problem fixed, apparently my name has a swearword in it which was being replaced by "darn" and thus breaking the URL. Nice forum software you have here :D

Interesting project.
I’ve been experimenting on something similar that hasn’t born fruit yet. Main trouble being that I insist on using a single XY-mirror.
I know itsn’t your aim but have you tried vector graphics instead of bitmap?

No, not yet. I suspect that it will be less successful than bitmapping because cheap servos are not very accurate when trying to hit a given spot repeatedly. I will probably try it at some point though.

That's awesome! Well done.

Will you be doing a howto once it's finished?

Yeah probably, if enough people are interested in it.

I am interested!