Laser tag project

Hello everybody,

my name is Artur, I am quite new here (and with Arduino as well). My friend and I decided to learn by building a Laser Tag project, much like paintball. I'd like some guidance here because we are stuck.

We started by making a small proof of concept, using two breadboards, an infrared sender and a receiver, and a button to simulate to shot (we removed it afterward).

It worked, even though it is a little bit erratic. The infrared does not always work and the maximum distance is short. We'd like to move forward, but we are not sure how to proceed. You that have a lot more experience with Arduino projects, what would be the next feasible steps?

We are at a loss how to improve the signal, or how the receiver would work if the infrared hits only if the IR light hits very close to the receiver. Any advice will be very welcome.

Here is a video of the POC: WhatsApp Video 2019-01-12 at 16.03.58.mp4 - pCloud