laser TAG: sending and receiving an IR signal


I am starting a project on Arduino - a laser tag. I have looked through a couple of tutorials and still there are some items I can't quite understand.

I am going to use this LED and this receiver .

My question i the following. In order for the receiver to get the signal it has to have the right frequency, that is, say, 38kHz. This means that I need to turn the LED on and off with the period of (1/38 000) s.

So using Arduino, I code a function that will wait for this time and then light the LED. However, how precise is arduino? Can it actually carry out the procedure so accurately?

Thank you!

How accurate does the IR signal frequency need to be?

You could analyse the code of that library to understand how to deal with IR

to aarg, I don't reallt know. I guess as 0.000003 s or so. to J-M-L, thank you! I will.