Laser target with infrared receiver


I´m trying to build a laser target that receives infrared signal.
I´m using arduino uno, IR receiver TSOP1736 and one led to light on when i hit the target.

My problem is that it only works when i hit the TSOP1736.
I´m using a pentathlon shot gun that uses infrared beam.

I have a box with both 20cm of length and width.
At the center i have the target that is a circle with 6cm of diameter.
This center is builded in one sheet of white acrylic with thickness of 4mm.

What i want is when i hit any place inside the circle it turn on 1 led.

Maybe this IR receiver TSOP1736 isn´t good for what i want or i need something else to put it working.
I hope somebody can help me.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

You could try using a PIR sensor and some IR frequency filters for your project. The PIR will sense ANY change in the IR of the room, including you, so you will have to get a filter that only allows the frequency emitted by the gun to pass through it. As for the connections just connect the digital output of the PIR to pin 1 and set it to input, then connect the positive end of the LED to pin 2 and set it to output, then connect the negative end of the LED back to the digital ground with a current limiting resistor. Then just program the arduino to say (if pin 1 = high then pin 2 = high) (if pin 1 = low than pin 2 = low).

Ok thanks.

Do you know where can i buy ir filters?

I see that this PIR sensor only has range of 6 meters and i need to have 10 meters range :frowning:

Well as long as your gun's beam can travel at least 4 meters with out loosing to much intensity you should be alright. as for the filters you will have to find out the frequency of your gun's beam and then maybe look around online.