Laser Trap for Camera

Hi Team,
I have spent the last couple of nights searching for a good laser camera trap.
So far I have found a number of very cleaver ones, but often with no sketch supplied.
and when I did find great one that supported a physical connection I can now not find it.

Can you suggest where I should look please.

My aim is to photograph bees or birds in full flight.

If they flying through and break the beam
a (variable) delay is triggered
(the beam is turned off for a few seconds longer that the delay to remove any light from the picture)
and through a relay the manually prefocused camera is fired.

There will need to be a stay alive timer on another circuit to keep the camera awake

I have purchased a Duinotech Module Learning Kit from Jacar and IRreciever and Red Laser diode

I have a spare cable remote for my Sony A99 that I will be using as the hard wired connection.
The camera will not need to focus as this will be preset (in the right place I hope)
Could someone please point me in the right direction.

thank you in advance,

Do you mean that you have no idea how to write the required code? You can use something like this:

void loop() {
  if (SensorPin) {
    digitalWrite(LEDpin, OFF); //turn off the laser
    digitalWrite(CameraPin, ON); //start exposure
    delay(1000); //wait a second
    //add code to undo above changes to prepare for the next shot

Look into any sample sketch for the initialization of the pin numbers etc.

Many years ago I built a cross-beam light barrier for taking photos of insects, where the focus has to be very narrow. This will trigger the camera only when both beams are broken at the same time. I used a LED and a photo transistor for the light barrier, dunno how insects react on bright laser beams.

Take care to exclude ambient light from the light barrier sensor. More elaborate sketches can pulse the LED, so that only coincident changes (when the LED is turned ON) are detected. See light barrier or IR object avoidance sample sketches.

Thanks for that,
Yes this is exactly what I am trying to do and the same project, catch bugs in flight.
I am learning to code now.

I have worked out how to control my camera with a modified cable for focus and shutter.
I will use focus for stay alive as much as anything as I suspect I will be manual pre focus anyway.
I am now looking at how to use the LCD keypad shield as I wish to have options of delay etc available when out using it

It will be interesting to see how the laser works with them - that is true