Laserpointer light detecting POV idea

I built a laserpointer detector using a red LED as a photodiode to determine when a laser pointer hits the LED. When the LED detects the light from the laserpointer, the LED blinks a couple times then goes back to detect mode (LED is off and sensing voltage). The plan was to create a bigger grid of LEDS to make a target, but I got the idea of using a POV display to do the same type of thing with less LEDs. Is this even possible?

My thought is to use the same LED photodiode logic with a POV technique to spin 8 red LEDs, creating an 8 ringed circle target. I'm not sure how difficult this would be to create as the goal would be to detect when an LED is hit with the laserpointer and blink the LED (in that same spot).

I wanted to ask the experts here if this is even a viable project before I start researching POV techniques.

I haven't done anything like this, but from an electrical and code perspective I don't see any reasons why this wouldn't work. Sounds like a cool project.