Laserpowermeter with Arduino Nano

I am very new to Arduino, but I already know a bit about c programming.
I would like to build a Laserpowermeter… so I already bought a thermal sensor which outputs 0,1mV per 1mW… I would like to measure 0-6000mW with this sensor and display it on a lcd. How can I measure the range of 0,1mV till 6V with the analog input of an an arduino board? Is there a possibility?


With a potential divider to reduce the range to 0 to 5V you could measure 0 to 6V, but only with about 4.7mV resolution.
If you need better resolution, you need an external A/D converter.

Oh I am sorry, I was totaly wrong.... I do not need to measure more than 10W Laserpower... so I would be in the range between 0,1mV and 1V.... If I add an op amp amplifier wit an amplification factor of 5... I would be in the range of 0,5mV-5V... Which resolution is possible in this range? would it be possible to measure with an accuracy of 1mW?