Last Brewed Coffee Clock

Hi All,

I've only been tinkering with Arduino a couple days and really like the possiblities. A little back story, in my office there was always a gripe about when the last pot of coffee was made, so I created a cardboard clock when someone would brew a fresh pot they manually move the hands to the current time, shake and repeat.

I was reviewing the clock possiblities and thought, hmmm i can use a 7 segment clock, real time clock module and a button. When someone brews a pot of coffee they press the button and it will freeze the time, next pot same thing.

I dont have a problem getting the clock to work, its incorporating the button that is the problem.

Can someone give me some pointers getting the button to freeze the time?

Thanks MW

I'll guess that you mean a seven segment display, so that you would need to write code that reads your RTC and puts it on the display. You can find plenty of example projects that do this - it seems to be the first thing many folks think of once they have a big enough display.

Then it's just a matter of adapting the code from such a project such that it only updates the display when your button is pressed.

Make sure it complies with RFC 2324, HTCPCP


I'm not interfacing with the coffee pot in any way, this is just a display above the pot so someone can see when the last pot was brewed.

But I get what you mean and thanks for the info.


You don't need to fear the time but to save it in a variable and display it when the button is pushed.

Look for tutorials on using buttons on arduino. It's quite simple. Think of declaring the button as INPUT_PULLUP

Mw2019: thanks for the info.

Did you see the date on that RFC? :o