Lat/Lon Android to Arduino through Bluetooth


I’m trying to send the present latitude and longitude from an android tablet to an Arduino Uno through Bluetooth. I would like send the latitude coordinates as 64 bytes, and the longitude separately as 64 bytes. I’ve already connected/paired the tablet with the bluetooth module:
…but I am unsure how to proceed. I read something about big endian and little endian, but do not know which one my tablet uses(Nexus 7). How would I transmit the data between the tablet and the arduino? Would I have to use Serial.readBytes()? If so, could you please provide some sample code. I am in Grade 10 and do not have much coding experience, so any help would be appreciated.



This is an Android problem before it becomes an Arduino problem, and I guess the first thing to do is find the Android app that will feed the data. If unsuccessful, the next avenue is to write the Andriod app. After that, I'm sure the rest is easy, and yes, it would be just a matter of serial.reads.