Latest Bootloader For Mega2560.

I am looking for a good working latest bootloader version for 2560 With Watchdog support does anyone know where can i find it?

If you look in the IDE core files bootloader directory (at least in IDE 1.0.4 or newer) you will see two bootloader HEX files available for the mega2560 board.

stk500boot_v2_mega2560.hex is the newer one that fixes the WDT and the !!! problems

Mega2560-prod-firmware-2011-06-29.hex is the original bootloader that has both those problems


I’m hoping I read a website right, asnd may be able to pull this off… Apparently, 3 days ago, I managed to brick my Mega2560. (the serial port seems to be still active, but the MCU itself, has stopped responding.) When I was trying to read an old EPROM, using a simple Address pins from D22 to D45, and Data pins from D46 to D53…But trying to run it from a Linux laptop. (Ultra Edition 3.5/UBUNTU, Linux release 1.0.5 Arduino IDE)… But… while it was running the sketch, I couldn’t get it to stop… (the /dev/ACMtty0 device as serial port) was still active, and wouldn’t allow the IDE to upload a changed sketch. (wanted to slow it down to 57600 baud, because 115 was skipping characters, even under both PuTTY & the Serial monitor of the IDE. so, since it had already reset and started the setch, I couldn’t get it to reset, or pause, allowing the new upload.) So… I held the reset button till the compile finished… Suddenly, …
stk500_v2… no reply… (Sorry similar… Forgotten the exact response…) so I unplugged the USB plug… Now, when I plug the USB cable back in, the only LED that goes on, is the power button. No flash from the D13 LED, or the RX or TX LED’s… I connected a wire between D0 & D1, the RX & TX LED’s flash, and I get echo back, But… nothing with the 2560…

I’m about to see if I can re-burn the bootloader, using a China knock-off of a Duemilinova, which has the JTag pins next to the FT232, and the power from the ICSP port… Hopefully, It’ll allow reburning the bootloader… Otherwise, I’ve got a permanently bricked 2560…

Minor update, It took a few tries (like making sure MISO & MOSI were connected the right way :-[ ) But... Okay, I seem to have revived the 2560. But.... the 'Burn Bootloader" is reporting back a wrong response, the mega2560 is responding with a 2 flash, 1second wait, loop, from D13 ("L") and... it seems to be working correctly (tried two example sketches, and they were received, and run correctly.) the Error light on the ArduinoISP only turned on once (when I had the MISO/MOSI swapped), but, I think (which in itself is dangerous!) I've recovered it. Results from the programmer came to roughly 2MB of data (Never tinker with the .INI file, I put mine into "Full Response" mode, when programming.. Upload is still fast, but takes longer to finish compiling now, but if something goes wrong, I talked the IDE into documenting EVERYTHING!) ) So, Knocking wood... It's working!