Latest IDE 2.0 revision

I've just downloaded the latest beta5 revision ( nominally for windows 10 ) and installed it on my win7 pro laptop. No problems with the installation, and it seems to run OK. It did however remove the previously installed beta3 revision.

Now to explore!!


It would appear that there are unsuitable drivers installed for COM ports. A Micro board is recognised under "Other devices", but the IDE is unable to load a Sketch even though board and com port are selected. Pity there isn't a Win 7 version of IDE 2.

If you don't like this behavior, you can use the "Windows ZIP File" downloads from the Software page. When you use this version, there is no installer, and thus no uninstaller. You just unzip the downloaded file to any convenient location, then run the "Arduino IDE.exe" file you find inside the folder to start the IDE. In this way, you can have as many versions of the Arduino IDE installed as you like. I have about 20 of them installed right now (nightly and feature test builds in addition to the release versions), but that's only because I haven't bothered to remove the ones I have no more use for.

Do you have the classic Arduino IDE (e.g., 1.8.13) installed? If so, does the same problem still occur when you are using the classic IDE?

Downloaded and unzipped 1.8.13. - Arduino appeared in "Other Devices" with no driver. Told system to look for drivers in the 1.8.13 folder and the appropriate one was found and loaded. Arduino Micro now appears as COM8 under "Ports". Test sketch compiled, loaded and executed OK.

I'll now uninstall 2.0 beta5 and reinstall using the 2.0 zip file - hopefully it will do what 1.8.13 did.


Did just that and started the .exe file. IDE 2.0.0 loaded with the test programme already in view. Checking ports, COM8 was in the list and so was selected. Test sketch compiled, loaded and executed OK!! Bingo!!

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