Latest IDE : WARNING from Windows

I just downloaded the latest IDE software and when I attempt to install it I get a warning from Windows telling me that the software has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify compatibility with Windows XP.

It tells me that the software may "impair or destabilize" my computer. It strongly recommends NOT installing it.

What do I do??

This is something to decide when you download software from any company who has not paid Microsoft some money to sign/certify the program. If you download software from a reputable website, it is likely to be ok. I trust the software from the website. I would not suggest downloading from another site such as,,, and other shareware/freeware sites like that, because they may add additional plugins, trojans, search engines, or other malware to it. Just get it directly from the website and look at your browser's address bar to see the actual site it is coming from.