Latest project workshop PC and DUE combo. (control ATX psu)

Not sure if I should post this in here or the projects section (apologies if it’s in the wrong place)…

Anyway here goes.

The plan:

Build a replacement computer for the workshop which will deal with everyday tasks such as email, internet, forums etc but also allow me to interface with my digital storage scope, logic analyser, multimeter, (upcoming CNC lathe, 3D printer and CNC miller when built) etc plus run the arduino IDE, flash, eeprom programming, programming etc etc.

What I would like:

New PC case with 7" touch screen TFT in front, DUE running all the time and connected to network and the TFT and able to switch the PC on and off at will. Take inputs from the computer and control fans etc in order to make the computer virtually silent. Raspberry Pi inside too with all devices inside able to communicate with each other. Plus more as I go along.

The idea as it stands:

Purchase a new case: Coolermaster HAF XB

This case is a double decker configuration with the power supply in the bottom with the drives in front of it. There would be a large void at the side of the power supply but cooler master have stuck a 5x2.5" drive bay in there. My plan is the remove this drive bay and fit the Arduino DUE and Raspberry Pi plus my electronics into this space. The DUE will connect to the desktop motherboard above via one of the motherboards internal USB headers which will go to the two micro USB connectors. The Pi will attach via the network. The DUE & Pi will take their power from the PC power supply’s permanent 5v connection but the Pi’s will be switched by the DUE. Effectively the DUE will be master of all. The large front grill will be removed and replaced by a piece of 3mm aluminium or black plastic containing a 7" TFT touch screen. The screen will be used as the input for the DUE which will allow it to switch on the computer/pi, switch which device goes to the monitor, and more besides.

I will re-use an old ATX motherboard I have lying around at the moment but will get a new motherboard, cpu and ram later. I have a 120Gb SSD ready as the main drive.

So far:

I have worked out the concept and last night designed the power board which I am hoping to have time to build today. The power board and ATX motherboard will be connected to the ATX power supply with a “Y” connector. This board will allow the DUE to switch the PC power supply on and off at will by simply pulling one pin high. The DUE will be protected by a 4 port opto-couple as it only requires one directional comms on each port.

Well I had time to print the front and back on the film, expose it in the UV, develop it and etch...... Still need to scour it both sides, tin it, drill it and solder it up yet.

It's just badly scanned and cropped rather than cut at an angle :D There is about a cm all round that.

When it's all working I will release all the details so anyone can control an ATX power supply from the DUE (including front and rear masks so people can make the board). It would be useful for a bench power supply or a larger power supply for a big project in addition to what I am doing.

Well with a lot of messing I now have redesigned the power board with FAT tracks for the ATX ATX bridge rather than using a Y cable.

Also there are LEDs which show power to the PSU on the permanent line, power on from the PSU and power ok from the PSU (but the LEDs can be switched off once everything is working). Plus a second option switch to switch the board to 5V so it runs with a mega instead of a DUE

The only way I could get the fat tracks into place was to merge all the 12v lines, all the 5v lines, all the GND etc etc...... Having looked virtually all PSUs now have one rail anyway.