Launching the flc100 sensor

Hi, Friends

I want to connect the flc100 sensor to the Arduino.
But I do not know where to begin.

Please help me.

Google "arduino flc100" for many suggestions.

Google "arduino flc100" for many suggestions.

I would not ask if I could find something on Google.
Please if anyone can help.

How can I connect the flc100 driver to Arduino
(to build a magnitude)

No one can guide

10 seconds with Google...

Tells me that the +output varies +/- 1volt around a reference voltage of ~2.5volt on the -output.
You could try reading only the +input with an analogue pin, and measure the deviation from an A/D value of 512.
But I suspect you want a higher resolution, so you might need an external A/D with differential inputs, so you can measure the difference between the + and - outputs of the sensor.
The ADS1115 might be suitable.