Lawn Mower Robot

Hi. I want create my own Lawn Mower Robot with like 3 sensors, (or 4/5 which can be for wire color recognize), just auomatic without transmitter. Two motors for wheels.

Can I use any setup from normal arduino robot wich avoid obstacle? I see there is many arduino codes and they are not long, I mean, for simple project.

That is the furthest thing from simple... not sure what you want, there is no easy button

Have you looked at the ArduMower site

Yes, I been there. But everywhere you mast pay, like pay for this, pay for this. And prices for print .stl file of 100$ are really funny. I builded my drone and el. skateboard, so I hope I will can this too.

That is the furthest thing from simple... not sure what you want, there is no easy button

I mean peoples install many board and things like a solar charge etc.. I need just simple robot.
So, I need motor controllers, motors, arduino, batteries, right?

In that light, yes. All you need is three motors, some sensors, electronics, code, and one AAA battery

Have you given any thought to the software? How it will be structured?

Consider the liability if this thing hurts somebody or worse!

The chepapest mowers for buy have 16-18 cm cutting blade, this I don't like. I want bigger cutting surface. I think maybe 2 motors with blades! (or 1 but bigger blade)This motors can be separate, out of arduino program. That is with two pack of battery.

Little bigger rear wheels(10cm,+?) But not sure which motor controller need and motors of 12v. (I saw someones use 6v).

Which motor spend more battery, two driving wheels or 1 motor which cutting grass with blade?

What is your background? Are you new to C? Are you new to Arduino? Done any electronics before?

For people to help, we're going to need an idea of where you are starting from.

By the way, this is a really ambitious project, especially if you are a newbie.

I answered that in post #4. Read please.
In arduino yes, but I have little knowlege with codes (html,php..) from before.

I wll not made it for sale, I want build just for myself.
I have arduino NANO at home, but maybe is to small for that.

How can be created a border in yard which robot not crossing? I see follow line tutorials, but they made it by colored tape. But if I place colored wire around yard, that will not work?

Laser IR like in your garage, lidar, sonar, dead reckoning, GPS, trigonometry, excessively high voltage rapid discharge fencing perimeter. Itll keep the mower in, and everyone out. Plus. It'll be the fence that kills them, not the mower so you might want to consider MANY safeguards on the mower or youll end up on TV

:rofl: That is very much exampleas. Tnx

Now when you saw my background, you can help me with setup. I mean print parts, like wheels about 170mm. Which two motors must buy to be enough for drive?

Which arduino I must buy?
Sensors for obstacles? (Min.x3)

I will wait order parts about 1-2 months, so better to start ordering now :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Think this x2


If I want connect driving motors and cutter motor together on one battery, is that complicated, do I need some extra device?

Start of with the basics in parallel vs series circuits

I have a question, with two blades that have to cut an overlapping path so you do not get strips of uncut grass how to you keep them from colliding? How do you keep it from running over somebody's foot? I cannot suggest a battery until you state all of the loads it will support, chemistry and the runtime. It would help if you posted a proposed schematic, not a frizzy thing with links to technical information on all hardware parts. Also include your preliminary code.

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That is a good question. I thought about that overlaping. You think that will be space between? Then I can set one blade little forword,one back, but that need more room.:roll_eyes: But If I set one longer blade, than motor will not work good, too much pressure for battery?

Look this

I always asking myself on last picture why that disc not overlaping :roll_eyes:

This is my first quick sketch.
Space from cutting move circles are 1.5cm here, no danger.
Space from left and right blade horizontal is -0.5cm, that means every blade cut a 0.5cm from other blade, to secure that no remain grass.
But, how you think that space muste be? If is 0 (zero), it risk to some grass stay uncuted?

Also, I want place sensor how much above is possible, because my lawn grass is not same height, and I will cut bigger grass.

I found two examples of Perimeter wire instalation which is possible to build myself.

    Is that two board all what I must install/soldering, right?


    All Mowers - Perimeter Wire Module – ReP_AL Maker Shop

Interested in OPTION B here.
Is that only transmitter build for outside? But how my robot will recive data from sensor here, where is sensor for robot?