Lawn Mower Robot

1.5cm diameter? Are you planning to cut each blade of grass individually? I'm not too sure where you're going with this. Are you planning to make this work on your desk first in small scale?

No, not a diameter, not a scale. I talking about space between cut surface. Look now.

I will start on desk, yes, in normal size (1:1), but I will print plastic around.

Each blade which I mean to order wll be 20cm (two of them is cutting surface 40cm).

Question is how much this space must be? zero or minus ( - ) cm ?
Ask because if is zero, will be grass stay uncuted in middle?
(On this picture space is minus 1.5cm).

I found two examples of Perimeter wire instalation which is possible to build myself.

    Is that two board all what I must install/soldering, right?


    All Mowers - Perimeter Wire Module – ReP_AL Maker Shop

Interested in OPTION B here.
Is that only transmitter build for outside? But how my robot will recive data from sensor here, where is sensor for robot?

100" for the perimeter is a very small area. that would be about 12.5" by 4" or about 2 minutes with a scissors. Have you tested the sensor circuit? I hope the 100" is a mistype.

No, I am not build yet. Looking for best option. Is that mean that is just for 100 inch tested? Maybe is just for Test messure, and not for Maximum..:roll_eyes:

Other example it looks easier for create, but if is that is just transmitter, I asking myself where is receiver then? :roll_eyes:

Have you posted a proposed schematic, not a frizzy thing with links to technical information on all hardware parts, if so I missed it. It looks like your driving the coil with a H bridge driver, do you have any idea how much current that coil will pull. Its resistance will be just under 0.15 ohms. That works out to about 33 amps to drive the antena at 5 volts or about 80 amps at 12 volts. Your frizzy thing has mistakes.

If you ask for Perimeter, I have found only this two links:
Example 1
Example 2

I don't know which will work better.

No, I don't know.

I just looking someone to tell me how to create fence at easy way for Lawn mower robot. The perimeter wire looks good for me.