Hallo All,
I have just bought my first ARDUINO UNO three days ago…nothing to say.

I just have a little suggestion: look at the ARDUINO UNO lay-out of the upper row, the one with the digital out pins.
Well, the step for the all row is NOT 2,54 mm!! (See picture attached)
So, if I have a complete connector of 17 pins (16 connected and one left in the middle of the two female connectors placed on the board) I cannot connect it to the board! This means that I have to cut my piggyback board, and split it in two pieces. Not so nice :~
The bottom one is ok.

I hope you will correct it in the future :wink:

Thanks and…go on with this nice idea!!



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Welcome to the forum fabioer.

I hope you will correct it in the future

No chance. That was an error in the original design that is now part of the culture. To change it would break too many existing shields.

Sorry you'll just have to live with it.

If you can't then I think one of the clones has a row of correctly-spaced pins, and you can get bent connectors to handle the non-standard spacing.


Someone offers pre-bent pins to use where the gap is so that normal 0.1" hole space boards can be used.


Yeah - hardware f***up on some of the original boards - it aint gonna change - pretty much industry standard now.

And they still haven't bothered trying to fix it, even after all these years

You don't have to break compatibility with existing designs to fix this problem, for example

That's the one I was thinking of.

And while we're slagging the Arduino design, what's with that massive USB connector? Everyone else uses the nice little mini-B version. And that's not a compatability issue, you can just buy another cable.


And the lack of a easy to enable/disable automatic board reset via DTR signal. Over complex/designed auto voltage switching Vs simple manual switch or jumper.

All these have been discussed forever on this forum, so it's a bit old in the tooth. Plus one can always choose 3rd party boards that correct or improve some or all these 'problem areas'. Still all in all the Arduino platform has seemed to have become the dominate hobbyist platform at this time inspite all it's 'flaws', so many of us have tired of the subject and have moved on. ;)

Not sure I'm too impressed with the new Uno board with all it's various bootloader bugs to date, ceramic resonator Vs crystal, SMD Uno model without the removable 328 chip, but then again I don't have to buy one do I?


People will keep complaining until these problems are fixed or put somewhere official and noticeable.

The easiest way to send a message is to
vote with your wallet and simply buy other boards like the Seeeduino that
have addressed these issues.

— bill

that only works if the shopper is aware of the issues to begin with, and will only have an effect if everybody does it, and unless people are informed about the problem, nobody is going to actually actively avoid the Uno.

I like seeing people complain about these problems, it shows awareness.

frank26080115: I like seeing people complain about these problems, it shows awareness.

Unfortunately most of us are all too aware of the problems - discussing them just makes us feel sleepy (and gets Massimo Banzi out of bed) :D