LazeeEye: Turn Your Smartphone Into a 3D Camera Wow! This technology can offer so many new possibilities! It turns your smartphone into a REAL 3D scanner! For photography lovers, there's also an accessory to integrate this on existing DSLR cameras! Imagine being able to 3D scan anything you like and share it with friends/coworkers via Facebook through Sketchfab! Or if you're a professional, 3D scan real objects you can retouch by hand, take measurements, take 3D photos, create a game characters/props, or use it for augmented reality, saves so many hours of work! It's pocket-sized and manages to do the same task of an expensive commercial 3D scanner, but it's about 3-6 times cheaper and can use it on any existing smartphone! No need to buy extra hardware everytime! Each shot captures instant 3D data, that can be merged into a complete 3D model, check it out: It's compatible with Android / iOS / Raspberry Pi / PC / MAC / LINUX / ROS, so you can extend its functionality with Apps, imagination is the limit! Imagine having an app that can to do this: or this: I really hope they reach the necessary funds, this technology can be so promising if it becomes accessible to everyone and not just the elite, please help spread the word! They're so close to the finish line!