LC meter project: capacitor doubt


I am starting my new project, a LC meter (since I want to know at what frequency is resonating a combination of L and C)

I saw this one I am having some doubts regarding electronics here, its using a "fixed" C, so It only measures L and the frequency. But in order then to have the same resonance, I will have to use the same C and matching L, Right?

Even the code has this

capacitance = 2.E-6; //insert capacitance here. Currently using 2uF

So the 2 Cs are "fixed", I am bit lost on how then can i use that coil and its value, and resonating frequency, doesnt it depends on C also... unless I use a 2uF its not the same, right?


actually here only L is varying


by using this formula you are going to calculate inductance.

pallavi99: f=1/2pi*sqrroot(1/LC)