lcd 128x64 with keypad?


i wanna make a program like calculator, so i need to input the character by keypad, but i cant show the character on the 128x64 lcd

i just want a bigger display, so i use this lcd

can u help me? please, this is for my last assignment :frowning: :frowning:

I would be easier to help you if you supply information on your specific setup. Include links to hardware, how the hardware is wired, code (in code tags) and if you are using non-standard libraries (not included with the IDE) links to where they came from. Other wise we start guessing and waste everyone's time. Look at the forum use sticky for how to post code.

i read from this link

i use the same library and lcd like that


i read from this link

[arduino] Ecran LCD12864 DealExtreme, pas cher et puissant | Skyduino - Le DIY à la française

i use the same library and lcd like that

How are the pins assigned in the program for the above image. I am trying to interface a graphics lcd to arduino mega

Thank You in advance.

Which library should I use? Can anyone help explain about the commands of the lcd?