lcd 1602a and multi sensors

I had problems with bad wires and bad or incomplete sketches which makes it tough to learn properly. I cant find a few answers.

  1. Can I hook up lcd once and leave it like that?
  2. I want to solder connections to an expansion board. Then ad dht11, 2 pir with buzzer and a joystick (pan/tilt). And possibly a window magnet switch line sound feasible? .

You can hook up an LCD and leave it connected. However, depending on how you have it connected, you may not be able to use those pins for other purposes.

You can solder to an expansion board and connect sensors. Tell us what type of board and we may be able to suggest a better way.


Proto shield uno board. Thats what has me confused.every sketch I check is different. Resisters, pots (10-50), connections. Some have lcd in sketch others dont but, dont say anything about needing lcd to sketch. Wouldnt it be easier to always use a standard pin setup?