lcd 16x2 to tftlcd display conversion examples

hi, i would like to learn about how to convert a sketch for a 16x2 lcd to a display unit.
is there any good places for examples and tutorials?
thanks for your time

It really depends. What display are you going to use? What library are you going to use?

There are libraries where you define the resolution of the display and you can decide where you want to print (x and y).

There are libraries where characters have a fixed dimension and you can print them row by row, column by column (like in the 16x2 lcd)... this way the "conversion" is quick and easy.

The first ones are the most complete (you can draw figures, choose the font, the size etc etc) and the results are nice to look at... while the second are lighter, easier to use, perfect for text and numbers.

ex : u8g2 vs u8x8 for those little oleds.

Hi thanks for the reply. Maybe I should have been a bit more informative. I have a project I've been working on for a while. It's an electronic drum module I found on the web and the project has gone a bit dry in support. What I would like to do is replace the 16x2 LCD with a touchscreen. There is also two push buttons that scroll the lines and make adjustments to settings. Personally I probably should just not use a touchscreen right away. So I thought I'd I replace the the LCD first then work on the push buttons. I'm a noob to quite a bit of all this but I'm learning. Again thank you for you time.

In all honesty..

there is quite a difference between displaying some text on a 16x2 lcd and what you have in mind.

I suggest to proceed slowly, step by step. If you want a bigger screen, you can use the 20x4 lcd. If you want a more complete display, use an monochrome oled. If you want some color, a simple tft.

Don't be scared: you can directly jump to the big touchy screen, but beware that there is no way to convert the sketch.

You need to write a new one.

Thank you for your encouraging words.