LCD 16x2

First of all, i have some problems with an lcd .
For a better understanding, the lcd datasheet could be found here:

i want to connect it to arduino mega but it has 20 pins and i can't figure it out how it should be connected.
Could someone help me ?

You will need to do some research into the SED1520 support on Arduino.

I see no recent references. Bill Perry (bperrybap) apparently gave up on it long ago. :astonished:

It requires a lot of pins to connect, so FWIW, a Mega 2560 seems appropriate!

The datasheet you provided is not for a 16x2 text display. It is for a 122x32 graphic LCD.
The sed1520 is not that popular these days.
There is support for it in various libraries like u8glib and openGLCD, but you will need about 13 or 14 pins to run it.
You will also need to supply a clock to the CL pin. The datasheet on page 23 shows it to be minimum 35ns period high and low which is a minimum 70ns clock period or maximum 14Mhz.
There is no maximum period or minimum clock rate specified.

There are other displays out there that will be easier to get up and running, including ones that support SPI or I2C which uses much fewer pins, and some of them are even full color.

I didn't totally give up on it or the openGLCD library.
I kind of took a big detour doing some other things (like the hd44780 library), and haven't yet made it back. (ok it has been quite a few years now)
Coincidentally, recently, I've been considering doing some updates to the openGLCD library, to get it into the IDE library manager and also adding support for controlling the GLCDs with an i2c i/o expander.

The interest in the i2c support is that I'm now using the ESP modules quite a bit and the i2c support would allow using only 2 pins rather than 13+ pins which is good for pin limited parts like the ESP modules.

The openGLCD library i/o methodology has some very sophisticated font rendering that will allow it to have much better performance than some of the other currently more popular alternatives like the u8glib or adafruit GFX.

--- bill