LCD 3.2" 240x320 TFT displej, ILI9341, SPI, touch + arduino due + another SPI device

Hello friends,

I need advice on SPI communication for LCD display 3.2 "240x320 TFT display, ILI9341, SPI, touch + arduino DUE + another SPI device (CAM204).
The problem is that the devices work independently, but if I want to be completely connected, it stops communicating via SPI CAM204.
I use a library from URTouch - Rinky-Dink Electronics, ILI9341_due for the display and it works well. For CAM 204 I use the standard SPI library Reading register values from SPI.
I chose CS = D4 for the display and CS = D10 for CAM204.
Could it be that these libraries are affected in some way?
Thank you for your help

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