LCD 40x4 Hitachi HD44780 and the LiquidCrystal lib

Hello everybody ...
i've searched through the forum but didn't find something to solve my prob.
I'm using a 40x2 LCD with the Hitachi HD44780 controller.

I use the LiquidCrystal lib to run the display ... however those 40x4 LCDs act like two 40x2 LCDs. I've connected everything like it is in the LiquidCrystal lib tutorial on ( and addionally the 2nd Enable of the Hitachi to pin 10 on the arduiino. How do i have to use the LiquidCrystal lib to run the whole display ???? Deos it manage the "two" LCDs?

thx for any help
regards, jacob

I've got a 40x4 display too, but I still haven't had the time to wire it up (I hope I'll be able to try it in the next few days).
I suspect the "split" functionality is a hardware limitation, not a library one.


Put 'LCD 4x40' in the search box at the upper right and then follow some of the links that mention 'Enhanced LiquidCrystal'.


Thank you!