LCD 40x4 to Uno

Hi! I am trying to figure out an LCD (40x4) and arduino Uno set up. I tried following different tutorials but the pins on my LCD do not correspond to anything online. I have attached a table of the pins on the LCD. Can anybody help direct me towards a corresponding wiring and code?

Please post a link to the actual LCD

@bperrybap can probably help.

please post

  • a datasheet of your display
  • the productlink to the shop where you have bought this LCD
  • a real picture where we can see the connector

this is the datasheet for the display:

and the link to the actual LCD

what makes you think that this should be a 40 x 4 LCD? it is described as 240 x 128 pixel display!

have you done this:

You can ask for the example of software program (C language) from Midas or Midas's authorized distributors

You have a T6963C Graphic LCD. RA6963 is equivalent.

U8g2lib supports your display. Install via IDE Library Manager

Could you please indicate where I could find the wiring information to use this library?

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