LCD 5110 graph and interrupt - freezing issue !

Hello everyone,

I’m antonino, a belgian men of 31 year old, and I like to play with my arduino to make little project ^^
Actually, I’m working on a watter level to check my watter tank. The emitter (an arduino pro mini with jsn-sr04t) work pretty fine, and I can receive the correct data with a rfxcom connected to my domoticz plateform.

The next step is to print the data as well on a nokia 5110 LCD screen (and another arduino pro mini with cheap RF receiver). Thanks to a library I found on the net that I modified a little bit, I was able to receive the data sent by my emitter. (the library file are link to this post)

This library use the interrupt 0 of arduino pro mini (pin 2).

For the 5110 screen, I use “LCD 5110 graph” found on :
And it work pretty well !
I can loop all my watter tank design… here Is the code

void loop()
     myGLCD.drawBitmap(0, 0, citerne100, 84, 48);

     myGLCD.drawBitmap(0, 0, citerne75, 84, 48);
     myGLCD.drawBitmap(0, 0, citerne50, 84, 48);

But as soon as I got an interrupt, the LCD Freez !!! But the program continue to work (The serial monitor show me the test lines).

I’ve done many test, but I was unsuccessful to make the LCD working, as soon as I ve got an interrupt, Even if I do nothing on the callback function, the LCD freez until a reboot of the arduino :s

If someone has an idea, it’s very welcome ^^. I’ve done so unsuccessful try, I don’t know what could I test anymore :s
Thank you, kind regards.
and sorry for my bad english :s

X10rfr.cpp (3.58 KB)

X10rfr.h (2.71 KB)

Citerne.c (15.2 KB)

reception433.ino (4.24 KB)

I finally got a workaround, in fact, it was the callback function that makes the LCD fails, not the use of interrupt… I don’t knnow why, but by the way, I simply put the LCD management to the interrupt class.
I know it’s not clean but it works ^^
If someone found the true problem, It would be great ^^
Kind regards.

X10rfr2.cpp (4.98 KB)

X10rfr2.h (2.59 KB)

reception433_2.ino (3.25 KB)