LCD 7 segment newbie question

Hi folks!

First of all let me say hi to you since I am new both to the forum and to arduinoing g

I've been playing around with my new arduino duemilanove for 2 weeks or so, and today at work I stumbled across an LCD 7 segment display (LTD222R-12), so i thought cool - lets wire this to the arduino and see what happens.

The first try was quite promising. I simply wrote a code that sets all ports to output and high, and then connected the display, expecting to see all segments turned on - which was the case. however, after one minute or so, the segments start to blur or get cloudy or so. They dont get grey as if there was too little voltage, the just get pixely... see what i mean?

Can you give me any hints on how to connect a display like this properly? I couldn't find any in the datasheet of the display (easily found with google).

Are there resistors or capacitors to be connected serial/parallel? I appreciate your help and wish you a happy time arduinoing with your awesome projects! I will now return to the exhibition section of this board and die of jealousy haha. Cheers!

You can't connect an LCD directly to an arduino you need an LCD driver chip to generate the waveform the LCD needs to work.

Google LCD drivers

This looks like it might do.