LCD advice for a beginner

Hello folks

Have spent the weekend playing with an Arduino Duemilanove beginners kit from and am loving it :)

For the various applications I have in mind I want to get into using an LCD straightaway.

I'm an experienced computer programmer although I'm new to Arduino and electronics. Should I start off with simple character displays or are there sufficiently user-friendly graphic LCDs available? I'd want to use a so-called "serialised" LCD as I'd want to keep as many pins available for additional interfacing.

Could anybody recommend a suitable graphic or character LCD, maybe from Sparkfun?

Thanks Monomeat.

Modern Device LCD

You can buy either the Serial LCD board by itself or with a display.

I started with buying the display and board kit, now I just buy the board kits and purchase compatible displays. The board kit is an easy build.

Then I either use the hardware serial pins or the softserial library to send it data.