LCD advice...trying to find one like in my watch

Hi I would like to find a simple LCD 16x2 display which is looks like the ones in digital watches. The sort which is black text on grey background and doesn't need a backlight. Problem is I don't know what this sort of display is called. Plenty of blue and green ones which need a backlight but I can't find the plain type.

Can anyone tell me what to look for?



JonRon: Problem is I don't know what this sort of display is called.

Nor do I, but "old" is a suitable term.

You might try using a Nokia 5110 display instead. They are old too, and work fine with the backlight disconnected. This to the point where I'm sure those with a blue backlight actually work better with it disconnected, so you might ry to get one with a white backlight, just in case you need it.

Ebay? like this?

The yellow/green ones don't need a backlight. You will get black pixels on a greenish background which can easily be seen with ambient light or even direct sunlight.

--- bill

TN/STN - are they the terms?


Thanks for the replies. I'm fairly new to all this Arduino stuff (and thoroughly enjoying it), so appologies if the question was a bit on the thick side!

Either one will do, but I quite like the Nokia as it's got a few more lines available...besides it's got that nostalgia feel.

I've come across TN STN FSTN Reflective Transflective Transmissive but what do they all mean....any good guides about?



This document lists some technologies with their properties (page 3):

Newhavendisplay has a description of the technologies:


Edit: The picture of the reflective display on the newhavendisplay page is wrong. It should be

ok, because of the wrong picture on the NHD page, here is my summery (pictures are from the newhavendisplay web site):

Reflective Display: Never has a backlight LED, readable in direct sunlight.

Transmissive Display: Always has a backlight LED which must be active for reading. Difficult to read in bright sunlight.

Transflective Display: A combination of Reflective and Transmissive. Always has a backlight LED, readable in sunlight also without backlight activated.


Excellent why couldn't I find that out!?

So reflective is what I need...eBay here I come (again)