LCD and webpages.

Hello not sure if this is under lcd or programming so i will start here. My question is sense arduino is getting faster and better like hte new zero board with the speed and processing as well as memory storage. Also with Lcd and oleds getter bigger and better my question is it possible to now view webpages on a Lcd? of course if have a raspberry pi and a 5.0" lcd can do it because it has a os behind it like linux or android. But can a arduino now view webpages? is this really possible at this point and time?

Can you write a full HTML interpreter in an Arduino?

Check the exe size of the smallest browser (+ add dll's used) and compare that to the memory of an Arduino.

That said, you might have a look at lynx which is a text only browser ...

however - -

Thank you robtillaart that help me a lot. i even seen a link in a comment of the page that went to a arduino that had a basic browser page for arduino kind remind me of the old nokia browsers from a long time ago basic one that displays text and image only. I miss them days retro man retro. :)