LCD Connetion To Mega

Hi, this feels cheeky to me but I'm going to ask anyway because Arduino and electronics is new to me and I need a hand.

I'd like to buy this LCD touch screen :

But for the life of me I can't work out which of the pins on the LCD would go to which of the pins on my mega.

It would appear that it would plug into the digital IO port on the mega but that would mean I couldn't get to any unused pins. So I thought that I could desolder the header on the lcd and put my own wires in but that would require me to know what pins are needed by the lcd and which are not used.

I'm currently considering the fact that these shield type boards have more pins on them than they actually need but I don't know if that is so.

Anyway, I'm looking for a mapping between this board and the mega, any help would be really appreciated, like I said I feel a bit cheeky asking, I guess I am asking someone else to research this for me but it's not because I'm lazy or haven't tried to do it myself, it just seems the info out there expects me to have previous knowledge of how to knit acronyms together that are rarely documented in the same way between manufacturers, ahhhh :(

Anyway, look forward to some guidance, thanks guys.

The answer is in the photographs on the eBay product page.

The pins do not plug directly into the Arduino, but you need to add wires to connect the right pins to whichever IO pins you want to use.

Awesome, thank you, sorry for being dumb, I'm currently can't see the wood for the trees as there is so much info to take on at this early stage in my Arduino career.

I think I'm seeing more complexity than there actually is, I see the electronics term like TP_SCK and panic.

I understand now, I don't need to worry about those names, I just look in the library and ensure the defined variables with those names are associated with pins I have numbered.

Thanks again, I know it's silly but you've really helped something click :)