Lcd dispaly using bit manipulation

progarm for displaying a message on lcd using bit manipulation

What exactly are you trying to do ?

Which Arduino ?
Which display ?
What do you want to display ?
What have you tried ?

Sure! Go right ahead! :sunglasses:

16x2 lcd using arduino uno , i want to display a message “This is a simple message” without using lcd libraries and using bit manipulation

Have you get the datasheet for the LCD display ?
Is it connected using I2C ?
Have you got it working with a library and if so, have you looked at the library functions to see how they work ?

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If you want someone to write one for you, then go to "Jobs and Paid Consultancy".

If you want to write one then firstly have you looked at the LCD driver IC that processes the data and puts it on the screen?

Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

And the most important quaestion, WHY?

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yes it is connected using IC2 .I have not checked using lCD libraries.But I wanted to do using bit manipulation

  • make a diagramm of your setup - you will need it for the programming - and upload it to the forum
  • check with a i2c scanner if your device is responding
  • provide a link to the datasheet of your LC display
  • start with the first sequence you want to send to the LCD
  • if it doesn't work, post the code you have written and describe what you expect and what doesn't work

These YouTube videos may help.
Bit banging a 16x2 LCD with switches.

This guy emphasizes the use of the datasheet, you cannot accomplish this without understanding the architecture.

Even "The 8-bit Guy"

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how to bit bang 16x2 lcd

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