Lcd display and comptuter info

Hey everyone, I'he an arduino and a 20*4 I2C LCD screen and I would like to know if I can take info of my computer (Proc temp/ network dowload / graphic card use...) like in the task manager of windows, and display it oon my screen for having them when gaming.

I actually use a soft name Simhub whitch is normally for racing game but can display the processor and graphic card use.

Thanks for yours reply.

Yes possible,

YOu need a library that can read all those things and send it over serial to an Arduino which represent it in your favorite format on the display of your choice.

Not trivial for beginner, but certainly doable

Check - system - How to get current CPU and RAM usage in Python? - Stack Overflow

for some tips how to do part of it in python

Thats what LCDsmartie, lcdproc, an LCD4linux projects are about.
LCDsmartie is the one for Windows.
Google them.
--- bill