LCD display burns

These photographs show an LCD that is functioning correctly but is improperly initialized.

I guess that is a bit confusing. I meant "these photographs show an LCD that is not defective but is improperly initialized". The photograph in the original post showed a defective display.


Hi everyone, my name's Aljosa and something similar happened to me. So I bought a Arduino starter kit and there is a LCD display (16x2) and Arduino UNO. Anyway I wanted to rebuild my old project that I build on Arduino Nano and once I connected everything that display needed (I only connected a display as official Arduino guide told me) to print "Hi!". I plugged in the USB cable and and uploaded the code. Once it uploaded the screen was blank. I unplugged and then plugged the cable in and I Arduino was dead (I smelled the smoke coming out of one chips on Arduino). I tough that I made a mistake, so I replaced my Arduino UNO (that I had for couple of days) with Arduino Nano (which I had for months and it always worked perfectly) and I uploaded a program and Arduino and LCD were off. On my computer it said "USB device not recognized" or something like that (I'm running Windows 7). Again I unplugged and plugged the cable back in and it died. Arduino had no lights on it, Event power LED didn't work.

So I had to trow out 2 Arduinos. I'll buy them again. So If anyone has an idea why that happened please tell me, I'll be very happy to know.

If you are going to help me send me a e-mail to or tell me here.

Thank you! -Aljosa

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